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Useful Location App: RainToday App

Now I must preface that living in the UK and typing about a rain app in June is still sadly relevant sometimes. Sun burn to frostbite in a few short days haha. Nonetheless today is all about RainToday app. Available on Android and IOS. For those times when you are...

The Soundrolling App [Beta]

Hey all, this is an app i’m developing to help get more of the best bits of the resources i’ve gathered over the years into the palm of your hands. This is currently still in testing and so only currently available on Android mobile devices. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see it on Apple IOS and ill try to sort that out, but they want £150 for putting just 1 version up there, 99/year for an account and then £49 for uploading versions of it, so may have to charge  a few quid to cover that cost. Anyway let me know.

Tentacle Sync App for Android Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough tutorial of the Android version of the Tentacle Sync App for your Tentacle Sync Timecode box. Im showing this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a slightly cracked screen haha.

Quiztones Ear Training for EQ Review

[hana-code-insert name=’Responsive Ad’ /] APP RATING: 4/5 Soundmen and women need to be in top shape with their ears. Long hours of people shouting cut and action takes its toll. So there is a way to keep those ears and your brain in shape with a new app...

Location Sound App Essential #1 – Flightradar24

So you get to an exterior location and a few years ago if you weren’t filming next to London Heathrow you took a chance with airplanes and flight paths but NO MORE! Flightradar24 tracks all major flights and give you info on destination airport along with where...