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3 Areas To Focus On To Make More Money

Money is always a hot topic for freelancers. If you are low or having cash problems then I would focus on these 3 areas to figure out where you are weak. Then once you plug the gap you should stop seeing money just pass you buy and have more chances to give more value to your clients.

For More Work: Focus On What You Have Already

Continuing the theme of getting more work as a freelancer I wanted to cover the concept of focusing on what you have instead of what you haven’t. Might sound silly but in practice is very lucrative as you maximise value to the clients that keep hiring you and in turn become more appealing to other clients through referrals and word of mouth.

What I Do When Work Dries Up

This is a common issue especially for newer freelancers, work drying up. The trick is to be able to predict these dry spells as best you can. Often your client base will be made up of a mix of people making regular content but some may make 2 projects a month, some 1 project every 2 years. Having a wide array of clients and project types should keep you working all year round.

Q&A #3 – Tips to getting paid on time

Might sound silly as when you set your invoice terms (Usually 30 days) then the client or production company should pay you on time, but this doesn’t happen 100% of the time for me. So there are a few things you can do as gentle reminders to help maintain your cashflow and all the adult things like rent and bills.

Take Control Of Your Learning

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