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IBC 2014 – My Favourite Products

Hey All, So IBC 2014 is over now and there has been loads to look at. I was working for all of it so no time to go, but some fantastic videos from the IPS (institute of production sound in the UK) that gave a really good overview of all the vendors. You can see the...

Sound Devices 633 Free Video Training Course

I decided that I would offer a collection of videos for all the people that ask me questions about using and setting up the Sound devices 633. Unlike my Sound Devices 664 video which is in one massive chunk (will be edited down to separate ones soon) this one has nice clear sections with lots of useful tips and advices on how to setup the Sound Devices 633. Don’t forget at the very bottom of this page you can leave a comment to what you saw and any questions for a specific video you can always leave on here or Youtube.