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Sound Devices 633 Free Video Training Course

I decided that I would offer a collection of videos for all the people that ask me questions about using and setting up the Sound devices 633. Unlike my Sound Devices 664 video which is in one massive chunk (will be edited down to separate ones soon) this one has nice clear sections with lots of useful tips and advices on how to setup the Sound Devices 633. Don’t forget at the very bottom of this page you can leave a comment to what you saw and any questions for a specific video you can always leave on here or Youtube.

Track Assignment

This article discusses how to arrange your recording or mixing tracks. Every input into your mixer / recorder goes to a varying amount of tracks.

In the case of the Sound Devices 664, all inputs get their own track which is recorded and the ability to send to 4 mix tracks. If you just have a mixer like the Sound Devices 302 then you will only have 2 tracks at all times, a left and a right mix track. Track Assignment therefore varies depending on equipment so lets look at a basic scenario and then work our way up.

Sound Cart Battery Solutions from Tracer

This is a new product called “12V 40Ah LiFePO4 Bespoke Battery Pack & Peli™ Case” from the Tracer Product Range.

This battery pack has a weight of 10.7 kg and is 300 x 249 x 196 mm. Charging time of 5-7 hours with recommendations to fully charge at least once every 6 months. Only loosing less than 0.5% power per day through self-discharge. Packed in a Peli case for brilliant protection. Charging life cycle of over 1,400 times. You can see how much power is left and if you need to recharge on the Inside by pressing one button.