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Film Crew Jokes / Burns

Film Crew Jokes DISCLAIMER: Collected from around the internet and on set myself. Some will offend depending on your department 🙂 Sound Guy/Gal film crew jokes Why do sound guys only count to 2? testing, 1, 2, 1, 2… Because you lift on 3…. What’s the...

Overview of Trim / Faders / Gain / PFL

The gain of an input is adjusted by two controls, Trim and Fader. This two-stage architecture is identical to the topology of large mixing consoles and provides a great deal of control. Trim is often thought of as a coarse gain control and the Fader as the fine gain control.

The Fader is the primary control used while mixing, and it affects the level of input signal routed to all post-fade destinations. Use the Fader control to make fine gain adjustments.

Changing From Sennheiser HD26 to DT 770 Pro (16 Ohm Edition)

Moving from Sennheiser HD26 to Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro I recently in the 4th week of a feature managed to break my Sennheiser HD26s so I could only hear out of one side of it. I have had a great run with them and the HD25 MKII’s in the past as my only headphones to get...