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Q&A #27 – 1 Change To Make Sound Devices SL6 Power Save More Bag Friendly

Unfortunately as great as Sound Devices Powersave function is on the SL6 is to increase the time on it, I can rarely when it is in my bag change it without running out of time. It’s great that it has quick boot but if the time was able to be 20 seconds then my recorder and radios would be extra safe in long takes or power changing situations.

Q&A #26 – The downside of line inputs without trim pots!

In regards to the Sound Devices 6 series mixers (633 / 664 / 688) what are the downsides of any inputs without physical trimpots? The trim pot is what you use to increase or reduce gain to your track. The tracks without dedicated trimpots on the 6 series recorders only accept line level and though gain can be changed, it is through a menu on the screen while recording, thus limiting you to changing one at a time.

Q&A #22 – People think cameras are more expensive than Sound.

When it come to crewing and getting a film together the most expensive element of the film is usually the crew cost for labour followed by rates for different departments. Lots of people however with the price of mid tier cameras dropping all the time automatically think sound is doing the exactly the same thing. This is because they have worked with lower cameras and also where the sound was done on a zoom.