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Q&A #13 – Are IFB/IEMs essential to own?

This was a question from one of the previous Q&As about how essential i think IFB/IEMS are. I took this to mean buy some to use in equipment on many jobs. For that reason I would say it wouldnt be something I would look to buy early on but they do come in handy for bigger jobs or commercials when clients and agency are wanting to listen in while watching video village.

Q&A #11 – Is the SuperCMIT worth the extra money?

I own a SuperCMIT and have done for over a year now and do think it is an excellent tool because you are still able to record an unprocessed channel and a processed channel with its noise reduction algorithm. This means that at the worst case if post production (often me doing it) I can use something like Izotope’s RX5. If I am not editing then I can give them a clearer signal that the client love.

Q&A #10 – Why Are There Different Rates For Different Types Of Content?

I answer this question by the economics of the content basically. Commercials pay more because the upside of the piece of content is much greater than the cost of it. If you do a worldwide commercial for a popular brand then they are going to make, realistically, a ridiculous multiple on the amount spent on the commercial, even if they go 2 days into overtime for everyone. Also the complexity of these projects is usually higher.