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Moving House and Freelance Finances

So recently I moved house and wanted to share some insights into finances because as a freelancer it can be tricky to manage. Also having a self employed status you need to make sure you take into account about your profit and loss.

Why I Am Now A Director Of Sound

More and more I have been overseeing productions from location sound, right through to the final mix. I have always been honing both my production and post production skills but have mainly focused on where I felt I could deliver the most value to productions. There is nothing to truly replace a great performance than the sound from the location.

Roomtone: An Experimental Short

A Short Film showing a small part of the sound mixers job, room tone. I wanted to have a quick chat with Mark (Director/Producer) about the film and see where the inspiration came from and what his perception of sound people are. What inspired you to make the film? A...