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New Portabrace Products and Future Plans!

I got a chance to chat with Adam Butler from Portabrace and wanted to get the inside view on what was new at Portabrace and where they are heading in the future with their products. Soundrolling.com is now looking to get even more into the ins and outs of the latest equipment for audio professionals and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Oscars Sound Editing and Sound Mixing Categories Differences

This is a question and topic that comes up again and again in regards to the Oscar categories of Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Design. The question is along the lines of what the heck is the difference!?

Well this intends to enlighten you by first going through each. Finally seeing why this often can mean that the best sound editing doesn’t always go away with the best sound mixing and vice versa.

Moving levitation with sound waves now possible

[hana-code-insert name=’Responsive Ad’ /] Acoustic Levitation (levitation with sound) isn’t new to the science community but up or down is boring and limited in application. As you can see from the video above scientists from ETH Zurich have now been...

BVE Expo Feb 2013

BVE 2013 26-28th Feb at the Excel London “BVE is the essential event for production and broadcast professionals, showcasing a comprehensive selection of products, services and technologies for taking content from conception to consumption. BVE offers you the...