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Sync Audio Waveforms In Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro provides a method for synchronizing audio and video called Merge Clips. This function streamlines the process by which users can sync audio and video which have been recorded separately (a process sometimes called double-system recording). You can select...

Creating a Scene Change Track in EdiLoad

Mark Franken from Sounds In Sync demonstrates Scene Change Track in EdiLoad to create a Pro Tools track containing clips that display where each scene change occurs. This track can streamline the process of editing atmospheres, simplify selecting a range while...

How To Export AAF from Premiere Pro

When I am not on set recording sound, I am in my little home studio designing, cleaning and mixing it. The best way for any sound editor to manipulate the sound you have already put in your video edit timeline is to have all the same components separately. This is where an AAF comes in.