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Soundtrack Pro Track Analysis Tools

Soundtrack Pro Track Analysis. This is a very basic tool that can help towards cleaning up your audio tracks. I must stress the importance to always record the cleanest audio possible to save you from the usual hell that is cleaning up bad sound. bad sound, bad dialogue, bad effects all equal one thing, noise!

SoundTrack Pro 3 Speaker Panning Options

SoundTrack Pro 3 Speaker Panning Options is a video about panning your sounds in Soundtrack pro 3. This is useful for basic 5.1 and stereo panning projects where you want something to zip across the screen. This creates a doppler effect for cars and other such objects and things.

About Audio Transcription

An Audio Transcription Service is a business that converts speech into text. This is either live or from recorded material and the text can be handwritten or electronic or both in some cases. This is commonly used in many areas of business such as legal, medical or general meetings.