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Rob Nokes Go To Mics For SFX Recording

Matt: …sort of microphones you must have a complete warehouse of everything for all sort of things but other types of microphones that you’re kind of always taking out as they’re kind of wanted to kind of make some models? Rob: Yeah I mean everybody who knows me...

Sound Chat #46: Kevin Strahm (Production Sound)

Kevin started out professionally in sound working for Marriott International in Chicago, IL and was an audio video technician with them for 13 years. During that time I earned an ‘Expert’ audio visual certification from MVP, a training organization for Marriott based in Houston Texas.

Sound Chat #45: Neil Hillman (Author / Post Sound)

Journeyman Book: http://amzn.to/2hCwulD Journeyman is an authoritative, accessible and at times irreverent, retrospective view of the most significant decade of digital development in the professional audio-for-picture sector; written with humour and passion from first-hand, operational experience. Neil Hillman is an award-winning Sound Designer, Re-recording mixer, Sound Recordist and Outside Broadcast Sound Supervisor.