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List of Roles in a Sound Department

sound department

Here is a breakdown of all the roles you are likely to see on the credits of major feature length hollywood films and what they all actually mean:

Production Sound Department:

– Production Sound Mixer / Sound Mixer /  – Mixes and records all the sound on location
– Boom Operator – Is in charge of placing microphones and controls the Microphone on the end of a boom pole
– Sound Utility / Maintenance – They are effectively the runner in the sound department and keep the department clean and stocked up.

Post Production Sound Department:

– Sound Designer – Conceptual Head of the soundtrack and often a creator of different elements such as Ben Burtt’s Lightsaber sound.
– Sound Editor – Anyone who is editing the sound track in terms of track laying effects and other non specific edits
– Dialog Editor – Anyone editing the dialogue specifically to clean it up and edit it in
– Sound Effects Editor – Anyone who edits in Sound effects collected by sound crews
– Re-Recording Mixer – The people in charge of the final mix of the elements of Dialogue / effect / music etc…
– Foley Artist – Recreates everyday sounds for the characters and other elements on screen such as horses movements
– ADR recordist / Mixer / editor – Person responsible for clean ADR and mixing it into other production sound
– Sound recordist – More may be employed to collect sound effects for the edit and sound design

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