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Rethinking The Cover Letter: 3 Tips For A Better Cover Letter

Before getting into 3 Tips For A Better Cover Letter you need to think of why you even need to send these in the first place. The cover letter is going to be the difference between you getting the job or them clicking trash. This needs to be thought of more like what you would say as a handshake to a new person. You are just introduced to someone at a party and you have a minute to get across who and what you are about.

Typically the big word that comes to mind when i read other cover letters is ME, ME, ME, ME. The person is purely writing about what makes them great. This is a common misconception of what people actually want to hear. I’ll get more into this and why later. Lets get into the 3 Tips For A Better Cover Letter.

Tip #1: Breverty | 3 Tips For A Better Cover Letter

This is all about keeping it short and sweet. You need to get the most relevant information down as quickly as possible so they are left wanting more. After all you are going to need a conversation before you get a job so with a short, sharp cover letter with all the main points and a link to your website they are going to feel compelled to read on.

Tip #2: Keep It To The Point | 3 Tips For A Better Cover Letter

If you are applying for a job on a feature film and only have information on rough genre and location for a cover letter then get straight to the point and demonstrate the relevant experience you have in that area. Nothing about you going to film school and loving sound or whatever your specialism is. They just care if they can get someone to do the job and not really about why you are doing it (that comes later)

Tip #3: Ask Meaningful Question/s | 3 Tips For A Better Cover Letter

At the end of explaining you have the gear, experience and are a good fit for the team you then need to lead the conversation somewhere by asking a question or two that are relevant. Might be information you don’t see on the job board like dates or might just be asking a follow on question to a point raised like where it is shooting.

This then combined with a link to your website for a showreel of sorts will keep that conversation going.

Watch the video below for a few more examples.



Matt Price

Matt Price

London Sound Recordist

I am a London Sound Recordist and Sound Editor for many types of projects around the film genres. This covers creative content right through to feature films. I am passionate about sharing my journey and knowledge to help the rest of the community. If you need anything from me, feel free to get in touch with me at London Sound Recordist.

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