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Hey All, So IBC 2014 is over now and there has been loads to look at. I was working for all of it so no time to go, but some fantastic videos from the IPS (institute of production sound in the UK) that gave a really good overview of all the vendors.

You can see the full chunky IBC 2014 mini series menu here: http://vimeopro.com/ipstv/ips-tv-at-ibc-2014 or view the breakdown below.

I should also mention that the UK timecode company Timecode Buddy (TCB) Won best in show for their new product range that is set to send even more data into the hands of ipad users from slate and take to camera temp and timecode, naturally.

Here is the IBC 2014 episode list below if you want to skip:

IBC Episode 01: Aaton
IBC Episode 03: Audio Limited
IBC Episode 04: JoeCo

IBC Episode 05: Professional Sound Corp
IBC Episode 06: Nagra Audio
IBC Episode 07: Audio Wireless
IBC Episode 08: Wisycom
IBC Episode 09: Timecode Buddy (Best In Show)
IBC Episode 10: Lectrosonics (Another Fav)
IBC Episode 11: Zaxcom
IBC Episode 12: Ambient
IBC Episode 13: SADiE
IBC Episode 14: Calrec
IBC Episode 15: Sound Devices
IBC Episode 16: SSL

IBC Episode 17: Glensound
IBC Episode 18: Dan Dugan Sound Design
IBC Episode 19: Studer Harman
IBC Episode 20: DPA
IBC Episode 21: Rode
IBC Episode 22: Orca Bags
(My Favourite)
IBC Episode 23: Marshall Electronics
IBC Episode 24: Cinela
IBC Episode 25: Microtech Gefell

IBC Episode 26: Sonifex

Mash Up Vid

Excellent Job all round!

Let me know your favourites below


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