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Sound Devices 664 Firmware Update 2.03

It’s nearly been a full year since the Last Sound Devices 664 Firmware. Now comes 2.03 with some nice new features and fixes.

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Changes introduced in 2.03 include:


  • Added [METERS + MIC] shortcut to quickly access the Time Code Jam Menu.
  • Added ability to adjust external slate mic gain. Adjust from the System/Slate Mic Gain menu or by using the [MIC + HP Turn] shortcut.
  • Added new ‘Free Run Jam Once’ Time Code Mode.
  • Added ability to quickly clear the entire scene list, rather than by deleting individual entries. Select the Next take in the Take List, choose EDIT, then Scene, then <Clear List>.
  • Added Word Clock In Sensitivity setting in Timecode/Sync menu, Sensitivity can be set to High or Low.


  • L-Ident tone now goes to X1 output as well as the L output.
  • Scene Name Shortcut now edits current entry rather than adds a new entry, preventing unnecessarily long scene name lists.


  • Various system optimizations and improvements.
  • User Bits UU values are now held over power cycles.
  • Incorrect file date stamp fixed when recording to exFAT-formatted cards..
  • General clean up of scene and trackname editing bugs.
  • Time Code Jam Menu display incorrectly showing a difference with drop frame.
  • Fixed lock up when media is pulled during a copy process.
  • Activating an input during record was incorrectly showing track as armed.
  • Fixed intermittent lock up related to shutting down when exFAT media mounted.
  • Fixed lock up when mounting a corrupt CF/SD Card.
  • USB port is now reset when the 664 detects an unresponsive keyboard.
  • Fixed intermittent lock up when power cycling with a keyboard attached.
  • Fixed lock up when power cycling with Daily Folder Prompt displayed.


Known Issues

664 Known Issues (February 16, 2015)

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More info here

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