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Important Notes For Zoom F8 vs Sound Devices MixPre 6

This spec sheet will never answer your questions like “Which sounds better?” but will give you better insights if you are comparing these 2 units for certain criteria that is important or essential to your workflow. my last comparison was a bit more general on the Zoom F4 vs MixPre-6 so i’m now going to take a more data driven look into each.

The Price

This is a major factor for a lot of people starting out or even looking for a backup recorder of some kind. Prices change per market so chose a random distributor for both prices.

Zoom F8: ~£979
Sound Devices MixPre-6: ~£936

Inputs + Tracks

Inputs are the physical inputs you can plug microphones into and then tracks also includes any mix tracks or other recordable sources.

Zoom F8: 8x XLR Inputs / Input 9-10 Via Zoom Adapter / 12 Tracks Total with inputs 1-10 as ISO + 1 Stereo Mix
Sound Devices MixPre-6: 4x XLR inputs + 3.5mm Stereo Input / 8 Tracks total with stereo mix track + 6 ISO tracks.

A/D Dynamic Range

Zoom F8: 120 dB typ (−60 dBFS input, A-weighted)
Sound Devices MixPre-6: 
32 bit precision; 120dB dynamic range min (A-weighted, gain=10dB, fader=0dB)

Zoom F8 vs Sound Devices MixPre 6 Limiters

Zoom F8: Digital Limiter with little information
Sound Devices MixPre-6: 
Limiter at all gain stages, range > 40dB. First stage analog, subsequent stages digital.


Zoom F8: 2x XLR Out + Stereo Aux via 3.5mm
Sound Devices MixPre-3: 
3.5mm TRS stereo unbalanced, 500 ohm output Z, +7.8dBu max output level

Sample Rates

Zoom F8:

  • 44.1 kHz
  • 47.952 kHz
  • 48 kHz
  • 48.048 kHz
  • 88.2 kHz
  • 96 kHz
  • 192 kHz

Sound Devices MixPre-6:

  • 44.1 kHz
  • 48 kHz
  • 96 kHz
  • 192 kHz

Equivalent Input Noise

Zoom F8: −127 dBu or less (A-weighted, +75 dB input gain, 150Ω input)
Sound Devices MixPre-6: 
-130dBV (-128dBu) max (A-weighting, gain = 76dB, 150 ohm source impedance)

Frequency Response

Zoom F8: 10 Hz – 80 kHz +0.5 dB/−1.5 dB (192 kHz sampling rate)
Sound Devices MixPre-6: 
10Hz to 80kHz +/- 0.5dB re 1kHz @ 192kHz sample rate

Zoom F8 vs Sound Devices MixPre 6 THD + Noise

Zoom F8: 0.009% max (1kHz, 22Hz-22kHz BW, Input Gain min, -10dBu input)
Sound Devices MixPre-6: 
0.005% max (@1kHz, 22-22kHz BW, gain=20dB, -10dBu in)


Zoom F8: BNC – LTC or Normal Timecode (all SMPTE frame rates)
Sound Devices MixPre-6: Aux 3.5mm or HDMI – LTC or HDMI Feeding

Summation: Zoom F8 vs Sound Devices MixPre 6

Depending on your need I think the main thing that will swing it is if you need normal timecode and not LTC and more outputs along with being on a budget I would lean to Zoom F8.

That being said for beautiful preamps, arguably better limiters and better noise ratio then the Sound Devices MixPre-6 would be the one I would lean towards.


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