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Why Was KTek KBAC1 Made?

The KTek KBAC1 is a solution for sound mixers and recordists that are also booming. Typically this is the situation for single talent on camera or in a documentary kind of case. This is rather than strapping your boom pole lengthways to the front of your bag which can make it more difficult to move through doorways and other areas not fit for wider lengths than a person.

A new multi-tasker on location, this clip has a swivel belt-style clip which makes this gadget a great boom holder, that quickly turns into a headphone or cable holder. The versatile KTek KBAC1 design and Velcro-like fastener material makes this clip truly multi-functional.

The clip is designed to attach to belts and molle & molle-style straps.KTek KBAC1 is a great companion for every Stingray Audio Bag also.


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Matt Price

Matt Price

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