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Q+A: Why I Wasn’t Tempted By Lectrosonics LT Transmitters | Matt Price

This is where I take questions from you guys and add my 2 cents 🙂

1:44 – I choke on a peppercorn
2:21 – Testing Out The New Betso TX / Slate
4:10 – Sound Chats and new videos coming up in the week
6:01 – How often do I get to use more than 1 boom?
7:50 – Do I use matching Mics when double booming?
9:10 – What’s the best methods for hiding a Tram TR50?
11:29 – For Multicam Sit Down Interviews Do I Use Analog or AES Camera Feeds?
13:40 – Do you ever use DPA concealers? Or any other pre-made concealer?
14:28 – PMST-Audio​ uses Lectro’s, (411/400a and SMQ)….do you have any experience working with the LT’s transmitters?
17:28 – What’s your inventory of Lavs ? Different colours? How would you the sound of various lavs? Favourite?
18:53 – What kind of power do you use in your bag? NP batteries? Any recs on a good brand for NP cap and battery?
19:48 – For lectrosonics which block is considered to use for broadcast, is it block 27 or 24?
20:49 – Which headphones are you using for sound monitoring?
21:55 – What about charging? Is it worth buying the expensive NP chargers to condition batteries vs the cheap chargers that just plug right in?
23:05 – HD25s are fragile
24:34 – So how do you protect yourself from producers not getting paid etc?
27:54 – What kind of microphone are you using for this stream?
28:35 – Have you or considered replacing the antenna on your G3 wireless to get better range? Stock antenna is too flexible and wrong length for the frequency.
29:42 – are there similarities between location sound mixing and theatrical sound mixing? besides mixing like location mixing into recorder and theatre into a live pa? do mix line by line with a script?
31:44 – When editing dialogue, what are some of the problems which would necessitate ADR?
32:50 – How do you mic crowds/audience members at events? I’ve been setting a dynamic omni on a light stand but don’t find that works that well.


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Matt Price

Matt Price

London Sound Recordist

I am a London Sound Recordist and Sound Editor for many types of projects around the film genres. This covers creative content right through to feature films. I am passionate about sharing my journey and knowledge to help the rest of the community. If you need anything from me, feel free to get in touch with me at London Sound Recordist.

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