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There are 3 main ways that people learn and how you combine all of them. Often you get a lot of overlap, for instance video is auditory and visual heavy. I should backup and state the main ones for learning are Visual / Auditory / Kinesthetic (Doing it). Now i’ve always not had a big thing for fictional books. I love reference books and stuff that I can start using straight away ideally.

Making Reading Feature FIlm Scripts More Engaging

When I get a feature film script to have to get through to be able to take it further and engrain it with talking about it with people like the director and then there are more visual tools that come along later with storyboards etc… I still have to read it though and found out a while ago i’m just not taking it in, reading the same sentence over and over.

Now i’ve managed to turn PDFs into text to speech with a free reader. This then enables me to hear (Not always the right pronunciation but if anything keeps me more engaged) the whole script and then while its giving it to me I’m starting to talk it back to myself. You may even be reading what i’ve written here in your own voice. This self-talk combined with you making images in your head as well as actively reading as the text is followed along with checking that it’s reading it correctly helps me engrain it.

Let me know in the comments what you do to make feature length scripts to keep with them and get it in their.



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Matt Price

Matt Price

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I am a London Sound Recordist and Sound Editor for many types of projects around the film genres. This covers creative content right through to feature films. I am passionate about sharing my journey and knowledge to help the rest of the community. If you need anything from me, feel free to get in touch with me at London Sound Recordist.

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