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So I wanted to do a little video on pre-fade listen, I’ve already explained it another video that pre-fade is anything before anything’s affected by the fader.

this is generally in terms of the 688 relates to the ISO tracks the ISO tracks unless you
set them differently are pre fade and so are only affected by this gain number here or this trim number so remember that trim and gain are essentially the same thing.

then we have this pre fade listen button if you are on six track or six channel mode then you go to the left and then you’ll see this light flashing here this means that right now when I’m plugged in with my headphones I’m just listening to the ISO so I can hear myself even if I turn this down


and though obviously the downside of that is if I accidentally knock a fader then my mix to my output of my camera might be affected but this is just the whole idea of pre-fade listen now I’m listening post fade so unless I’m listening to an actual ISO track myself then I’m listening post fader doesn’t necessarily mean the faders doing anything because I can have the fader on zero and so that this is an identical this is an identical volume to the ISO track but hopefully that gives you a nice example of the difference between pre-fade listen and how that equates to post fade listening


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