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Matt: Hey Matt soundrolling.com, i’m comes travelling back to London I want to show you little sneaky have preview clip from making waves documentary that sound you can check it out on the Kickstarter below and enjoy the clip of how some designers use a dogs in work like Jurassic Park and Terminator 2, until next time. See ya later!

Erick: One of my favorite recordings is my dog Freya she’s 12 years old now and she’s been in almost every movie that I’ve ever done

Gary: God Jack Russell terrier named buster it was all over the first half of my career and now we have a dog name Chester who’s all over the second half of my career.

Erick: I make sure to have my rig with me and I’m rolling when I greet her at the door because she gets so excited and she has the most emotional little moans and whimpers and yelps

Gary: I was looking for the sound in the T1000 morphs through these metal bars, the ILM effect which is brilliant I don’t what it cost but a lot well feeding Buster one day I had that cylinder of gross dog food slowly slides out of the can and that sound is about 35 cents

Erick: We can take the sound of my dog Freya and process it and have that be in an emotive sound of bumblebee in transformers.

Gary: Chester would make these sounds usually in the middle of the night so while he was sleeping I believe a recording on you should go through the recording the next morning everyone surrounds you graaaaaaaa…

Join the Kickstarter to get this film made: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/789145086/making-waves-the-art-of-cinematic-sound

Gary Rydstrom, Director of Creative Operations/Sound Designer and Mixer, joined Skywalker Sound in 1983 as an operator in the machine room. Since then, he has contributed his talents to many projects as a sound designer, re-recording mixer, effects mixer and foley mixer. In 1998, Rydstrom was appointed Director of Creative Operations for Skywalker Sound, overseeing the creative and technological direction for the facility. Apart from his feature film and commercials work, Rydstrom has completed several television projects, rides and attraction films. Rydstrom holds a graduate degree from the USC School of Cinema and Television. He is the recipient of 7 Academy Awards for Best Sound and Best Sound Effects Editing for his work on Saving Private Ryan (1998), Titanic (1997), Jurassic Park (1993), and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).


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