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Why do I not charge you money to read this or any other of my 500 blog posts? Why do I not put adsense and squeeze as much money out of you so i can sit on a beach in Miami and pontificate for a living.

Well because that isn’t really a life worth living for me. I am borderline obsessed if not just insanely passionate about my “area of expertise”. After all you can’t have a blog with out one of these right? 🙂

I give these things “away” because they are already out there. I am just documenting what I am doing. The think that will make the difference between me and you is your attitude and experience. I always remember when I was in school that they said “you better learn this because you won’t always have a calculator with you”… they lost. I do have a calculator and the sum of the current knowledge of the internet. I can even just speak to my phone and get information and not even have to type it.

This may seem like a strange thing to have on a location sound mixer and post production editor but at the end of the day I am a business, self employed, freelancer. I want to share to strengthen my community under me in terms of experience for several reasons:

1 – I am wanting to help lead the industry in my niche to more successful practices and offer better value for everyone so we are all not just replaced by interns with automakers. Technology is disrupting everything and so being the pet on the farm means you live a little longer before the slaughter.

2 – I love my lifestyle. I would say job but this is much more when it comes to freelancing. It takes a certain type of person but if you don’t want to pay way over the odds for a slice of security that isn’t guaranteed then you still think its the 1950’s.

3 – I want to learn as fast as possible and putting myself out there exposes me to new ideas and perspectives that matter to people all around the world. Instead of following one person I can now be in front of thousands or millions that will tell me what they would do. Then I can just go ahead and choose what I think works for me.

This is a massive topic so I won’t go on forever but i’m guessing you are in some form of sound. Try to work on your attitude such as positivity and motivation along with the experience to have as many types of projects. The future is also skill based so always try to grow that way and you will go far.

Let me know how you are getting on from someone who is not here to go HAHA but to help you, me and the soundrolling community gain more clarity and keep the passion with the mission for great sound.

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  1. John

    Thanks Matt.

    Well said. There is quite something to the timeless idea that, in order to find out what you don’t understand; try to teach it to someone else!

    After I spent 25 years touring big PA systems, I’ve gone back to school for postproduction and discovered I like location recording. I love learning, and as you pointed out “Technology is disrupting everything..”. Audio changes so very fast that you have to know how (and be willing) to learn – always.

    So .. thanks!

    If you’re looking for topics, I would love to know more about the different roles on the bigger shoots. Such as how the roles are broken done on larger features that have 2 or more sound people on set.

    Unfortunately with some semi-serious injuries, I can’t be the one person army such as yourself, so I’m trying to find out how to make my self needed!

    Thanks again..


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Matt Price

Matt Price

London Sound Recordist

I am a London Sound Recordist and Sound Editor for many types of projects around the film genres. This covers creative content right through to feature films. I am passionate about sharing my journey and knowledge to help the rest of the community. If you need anything from me, feel free to get in touch with me at London Sound Recordist.

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