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Hey everyone, Matt from Soundrolling.com and I got a question about G3’s and whether they’re still relevant in 2018 and going forward and compared to some of the other digital things like the AVX also from Sennheiser.

what I really like about the Sennheiser g3’s is their flexibility in terms of being able to pair them with an IEM system that they have being able to make them a reverse feed for a camera and the sennheiser doesn’t have the 19ms of digital delay like the AVX.

the AVX system it is definitely aimed more people with DSLRs and not really in a kind of pro kind of market I don’t really think I mean I think the the whole razzamatazz about being digital and all is nice and again some people are worried by interference blah blah

but generally if you’re on the right frequency co-ordination, the Sennheiser g3 is very good even even by range standards there’s a lot of comparison obviously with other big brands out there but for what you’re paying you’re still getting a really pretty good quality reliable range.

It would maybe only be the limiters that would kind of stop me and not progressing further up and so yeah that’s my general thoughts on the g3 it’s really good all-around quality

so it’s all about letting me know what you think so get down in the comments below and I’ll see you next time


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