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Stereo in one ear!

I came across this funny product that other day which is essentially playing the stereo music or sound from TV etc.. through just one headphone. The marketing is really funny stating on their site “Stereo sound from both audio channels are combined into a single earpiece” This does basically mean that it’s mono though. After all you can’t hear right and left in a stereo image through just one of your ears.

The 1-BUD Gold Earphone such as “Comfortably worn in either Left or Right Ear”

I joke as a sound recordist about the marketing of it being silly, but there are some uses for this such as hearing a full mix from a stereo session in mono for if you have lost hearing in one ear, or you can only wear one ear bud in at work for talking on the phone.

Stereo in one ear may sound stupid to most of us but there are uses, let me know in the comments below what you think.


Stereo in one ear!

Ibud earphones

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