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Zoom will be temporarily suspending the distribution of Handy Recorder app due to the following issues caused by the app’s latest update:

A) Recording/stopping operations are repeated and files are created automatically.
B) Files recorded with the previous version are played back at a faster speed.

*These issues occurred with Ver published in June 2017
Please try the following action, when you meet problem A:
・In Handy Recorder app, go to MENU and select RESET to perform a reset.
When a suitable resolution is developed, we will announce it on the Zoom website. They of course apologize for any inconvenience.


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Matt Price

Matt Price

London Sound Recordist

I am a London Sound Recordist and Sound Editor for many types of projects around the film genres. This covers creative content right through to feature films. I am passionate about sharing my journey and knowledge to help the rest of the community. If you need anything from me, feel free to get in touch with me at London Sound Recordist.

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