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This is from an email from James Stoffo: See the full Email Here

Following a presentation James made at a recent broadcast conference in Texas, two people from T-Mobile introduced themselves. They told me that they were investigating the level of activity currently in the 600 MHz band in order to gauge specific challenges as they roll out their new generation of mobile phone technology before the upcoming holiday season.

T-Mobile will be energizing various counties throughout the continental US (all of the areas in the last T-Mobile email) before the end of this year.  Once they begin testing, wireless operators must cease operation of any device in the affected spectrum. Radio Active Designs is in communications with T-Mobile Spectrum engineers and will be posting test sites on our web site along with the specific counties throughout the US.

Following is a map that our friends at Professional Wireless Systems have put together that provides details on the counties across the United States that T-Mobile plans on lighting up November 1.

For detailed city-by-city information about the FCC Auction TV Repack, check out James website.


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