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The Chair You Can Wear is one of a number of exoskeletons that look to resolve the issues of not having a place to sit. As a sound recordist on the move there are lots of solutions for supporting the sound bag and takes out the stress on your back. With a Chair You Can Wear you have the option to better disperse the weight.

Yet at many factories, there’s not a chair in sight. Owners want to maximize space on the line and reduce clutter that might pose safety hazards, desires that leave little room for sitting. That’s why Zurich-based startup Noonee has developed the Chairless Chair, a wearable armature that provides workers with a place to perch—no matter where they are.

Keith Gunura, Noonee CEO and co-founder, first had the idea for an exoskeleton-type chair when he was 17 and working on a production line in a factory in the U.K. “We wanted the ability to sit anywhere and everywhere,” he recalls.

The Chairless Chair consists of a thin aluminum armature attached to the user’s shoes and waist. Wearers first clip on a belt, which contains the control module, then attach a strap onto the heel of their shoes (any heel a quarter-inch or larger will do). They tighten straps around their upper and lower legs and adjust the length of the aluminum frames to match the length of their calves and thighs.

When looking to sit, a worker bends his or her knees and presses a button on the control unit to lock the chair into place. A damper that extends from the knee to the heel provides the support. The system can hold up to 400 pounds and can lock in anywhere through the knee’s range of motion. Gunura says the best position is a perch, not unlike sitting on a barstool—an ideal posture because it keeps the wearer’s back straight. If you try to lean back, you’ll throw off your center of gravity and tip over.

The current Chairless Chair prototype weighs 4.4 pounds. Users can walk, even run, normally with the unit tied on. But, Gunura says the final version will be even lighter.
Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/sit-anywhere-chair-you-can-wear-180952523/#2QZXJ42Lkh4dJHVO.99

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