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This is going to be an interesting discussion and will see how it evolves over the next few months when Viviana straps release their straps in October 2017. But something many have already noticed is how much similar they are to URSA straps. I am trying to use this to open up the conversation more but i’m sure you will see my bias through the videos below.

Over a year ago I did a video once getting my hands on URSA Straps:

You will notice that this design was a big step for many over other belt pack designs that where thicker material and without innovations like cable pocket or their game changing thigh strap that actually stays to the skin. Now the material is an adaptation of various sports fabrics that make them thinner than most.

Now comes viviana straps…

Now this is nearly a year later and rather than innovation it seems to just be a replica. The only elements demonstrated may as well just be from the first video. I guess the next question is should there be no Pepsi because Coke came first? Everyone does have certain preferences but with these so close together I would hope many would be loyal to URSA along with their other fights to get into the US Market and law suits. Maybe viviana straps will just sell in the EU.

Would love to know your thoughts on this issue and where you stand.


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