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The End Of Modern Foley?

Modern Foley in action:

Death of modern Foley? Could the foley artists of the future be computers? If you have watched the video above it is still in its primitive stages but could be a little red flag for the future.

Of course the animation element is very interesting as this is a “Perfect World” in the sense everything is built from modern Foley scratch anyway and so having the physics of that world being reflected in sound is actually quite cool. Of course in the UK the low-budget sector is huge and I can’t see any future machine being so affordable than a person in a room for a week smashing things and wearing high heels as an easy cost saving method.

I feel this is going to be used as more of a scientific study for a good while longer and won’t ever get to be mainstream unless for the super pressed for time, loaded studio production with 2 weeks of sound design on Judge Dred 3452D as hollywood tries to make as much as it can before we really are sick of seeing the same thing again and again in another 100 years time.

Lets leave that rant for another post and celebrate that people can actually build such things. If you just sign into WordPress you can get involved and leave a comment below or of course email me your thoughts and ideas and I can even add them to this post.


modern Foley



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