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Bringing Hearing Loss to Life

What does hearing loss sound like? That’s a question that most people couldn’t answer. Hearing loss has long been misunderstood and stigmatised in our society, which is one of the main reasons many people don’t always consider wearing hearing aids. At Leightons we know how hearing loss can affect an individual’s quality of life and we’re determined to help remove the stigma associated with it. To help change the way the public understands this important health issue, we decided to show them what the world might sound like for people with hearing loss.

We felt that the best way to demonstrate this would be through film, so we teamed up with Sideways Productions to bring you this short video.

Get a look behind-the-scenes: https://youtu.be/z9Gna2n7bSU

Find out how the video was made: http://www.leightons.co.uk/blog/heari…

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