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Three intersecting stories of loneliness and isolation that centers around Janan, a woman from Afghanistan who travels to the UK for artificial insemination. Complications arise when William, a medical sciences student working at the clinic switches the donors semen for his own.

Six months later, William contacts Janan on the pretence of an official check up, he arranges to meet her in India as Afghanistan is too dangerous. In the hope of being a father to the child, William confesses all to Janan in their meeting where she learns not only who the father is but that the baby she will give birth to comes from a family with long standing connections to the military and were part of the forces on the ground in her homeland.

My Role

I was location sound recordist for part of this filming (all the parts in the trailer) and was the supervising sound editor for the whole post production process. This gives me and the rest of the creative team maximum flexibility and better communication as I was on location for a third of the shoot in the Scotland locations.

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