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“I started out professionally in sound working for Marriott International in Chicago, IL and was an audio video technician with them for 13 years. During that time I earned an ‘Expert’ audio visual certification from MVP, a training organization for Marriott based in Houston Texas.

When I moved to the South Eastern US I worked in sports media mixing audio for the Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets) basketball and Checkers hockey organizations, and also mixed live sound for a popular music fusion venue that featured various bands and DJs. I then studied Digital Film and Television at the Art Institute of Charlotte and it was there I began working with filmmakers and production companies in the area and launched my freelance sound mixer career.

Member of IATSE Local 479, I am an FCC licensed motion picture and TV radio operator, call sign WQWP258, as well as an associate member of Cinema Audio Society, C.A.S. I periodically teach sound workshops at film festivals and film groups.

For the past few years I’ve worked as a production sound mixer on a wide variety of projects from independent feature films to industrials and commercials, and have traveled around the world working as a friendly, knowledgeable and hard working sound mixer.”


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