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Preparation tips for a Car SFX Recording Session

Matt: Back to the preparation side of it some of it will come to you in let’s say vehicle will they just give you all the cuts of the car or will they just kind of say we just need as much as possible or how would that work in terms of..

Rob: It either, or… it’s better if you get a chance to look at the footage because you have to decide you know what surface are you going from surface one surface A to surface B, what is the motivation of the driver you know. So you it’s better if you can look at the footage, now if you can’t look at the footage what you do is you ask for a shot list that states what surfaces they want, any unique moves they want like you know they want a corner like say if they want a J-turn for where you know you spin in and you turn into a J then you know you need to know that in advance so you can get a shot list.

Now if they don’t give you a shot list or the picture… you know generally they will then what you do is you just do you just cover the car as much as you can and so like I developed a long, long time ago it’s kind of developed over the last 20 years with Greg King a pattern where you do the same pattern repeatedly as you gradually get faster and faster and faster. So if you’re a sound editor you have these recordings you know that if the 10 mile an hour is not working you can literally like the 17 or if the 17 is not working you can go to the 25 and the because the mics are all set the same it’s just happening you know relatively the same time you can intercut between the on boards easily and you just switch to the next take and get the one speed faster and then you know then you can make it help make it work.

So using the sort of like one size fits all recording that they you can cover a car in detail, only risk is if there’s a very unique move that you may not have other, then you know that would be the only ribs.


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