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Matt: …sort of microphones you must have a complete warehouse of everything for all sort of things but other types of microphones that you’re kind of always taking out as they’re kind of wanted to kind of make some models?

Rob: Yeah I mean everybody who knows me knows me I love using the Neumann 191 microphone. I have two 190s that have a little bit more low-end response and then I have three 191 and the reason I have multiples because I often shoot like six track and then I’ll have like an assistant with me recording as well so I have multiple microphones be and then you know it I was recording on a movie called Glory Road for George Water and you know one of I had problems with one of the matrix boxes on the 191 and you know I just thought yeah this is you know I have to have backups.

I can’t be recording on a movie you’re recording for someone and not have backups so I kind of have too many backups now but know I’m always guaranteed to have at least four working mics on every two of those 191. The other mics I like using mostly for on boards and or like impacts are done sets like the AKG C4000B for really big heavy cars you know I’ve been using the Yamaha subject for a couple of years now and if you were to listen to the sub kick part by itself it’s a kind of a flabby sound, it doesn’t have a lot of dynamics in it but when you lay it under you know your other microphones it really sounds and adds a lot of weight and low end that helps the tracks a lot you know then I have the Chef’s CMIP5 , the MK Sennheiser engage 60 at the mph 80/40 which is the digital mic. So yeah I’ve quite a few mics but my main mic is anointment.


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