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Rob Nokes Most Memorable SFX Recording Session

Matt: Question just about the most well it says coolest/most memorable sound effects experience but I guess most memorable is probably a better better one to use since you probably loved them all like we all love sound..

Rob:  Yeah you know there’s so many… there’s so many things that… so many experiences that have happened over the last 24 years recording, you know I think the thing that aside from just the recordings the thing I love most about sound effects recording is you get to learn about people and culture and when I am not you know referring to people from far off locations I’m referring people even in America or Canada who say are into planes they’re into race park there into go-karts there you know with the Navy with their Air Force you get to really learn and bring yourself into their culture, that’s probably the most exciting thing about sound effect recording is that if you want to record something properly you really need to learn who the people are and learn about their culture so I have so many so many memorable recordings experiences that I wouldn’t even know where to start at you know

This summer I was detained in Cuba, my wife and I she was taking pictures and I was standing I didn’t want to stand in the sidewalk, I was standing in there you know I was like 7 or 8 in the morning and I was recording, morning traffic in Havana and a suburb and so I didn’t want to stand on the sidewalk is people walk by I don’t want to get in their way

So I have my microphones out kind of standing quietly and a security guards up to me and says I’m I want me to I don’t speak great Spanish there’s very poor Spanish and he doesn’t speak English so he says I  want you to stay here and then he calls the police so the police come and they keep me for there for 2 hours and they’re asking me questions and what I doing and I’m saying you know “spanish” you know that that’s what I’m doing well, it turns out that the building I was standing next to was a hospital and it’s against the law to record anything near a government building so after 2 hours with them they took me to immigration then they interrogated my wife in for 2 hours with Che Guevara looking down on her so and the whole time I was just going like oh my God I hope they don’t take my microphone recording.

Rob Nokes Most Memorable SFX Recording Session


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