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Matt: So how many mics would you roughly have on one card setup? I assume you’re limited by just the size of your recorder or would you ever use multiple recorders if you’re trying to basically trying to just get everything in kind of one take and then just do your different variations of it?

Rob: Generally speaking you don’t want to have multiple recorders because it makes it so hard for the librarian to master the in sync recordings. If you really got to go beyond 8 channels then I recommend you use a timecode cable to sync the 2 recorders.

I’ve heard a lot of clients complain that you know they did a recording with a certain recorder and it was real pain in a butt because they had 2 recorders on the car that weren’t in sync. So the client really doesn’t they don’t want  to sit there and they want to start working they don’t want to sit there figuring on a puzzle.

So I genuinely record with either 6 or 8 channels on board… If you do it properly you check you recording II do a test recording so after I set up the mics and I got it all my levels kind of where I think they’re gonna be I’ll go for a ride with the driver, I’ll have them do the loudest sound we can think of and I set my levels and then after that I let him record the rest of the day with those levels

I’ll do spot checks and stuff to make sure that we’re getting all the mics that none of the cables or mics have been broken or damaged you know say when we you know when we take a break I’ll go in and I’ll hit stop I’ll listen to some stuff and then we’ll go again and control.


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