• Cheat Sheets

    These are great for quickly looking up important information without any of the other fluff. The main ones are the Boom Pole cheat sheet comparing over 125 boom poles by all metrics and the camera cheat sheet showing main timecode and audio inputs and output.

  • Camera Manual Sections

    Rather than giving you the whole camera manual where 98% of it doesn't apply to audio professionals, I've taken the best bits and organised each manual into 3/4 PDFs covering Timecode settings, Fan Settings and Audio Input setup. This means you can view them offline or even download if you like, keeping all the relevant info in one simple to use space.

  • Secure with No Account Needed from Version 3.35

    All the features can be used and customised on your phone like favourite lists or serial number storage but without the need to set you up an account, no worries of personal data leaks.

  • It's Free

    This is built off the back of my passion for providing more information for recordists around the world and though several thousand pounds has been invested already, this is a long term game of providing a global resource for all.

  • Over 40 Hours Of Live Interviews

    I have had the honor of long interviews with a number of noted professionals in all fields of sound, from sound utility right through to re-recording mixers. It's important to broaden your knowledge of the whole chain for even better sound results.

  • Always Expanding

    This is a true platform for resources and much more is in the pipeline with everyones feedback being taken on in our development facebook group.