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Some Of The Features

The Soundrolling App

Camera Cheat Sheet

Quickly and easily see a list of 25+ cameras with their audio inputs / outputs and timecode in/out connection so you can quickly prepare.

Foley Cheat Sheet

The theme of the cheat sheet is for you to get to the best information quickly and easily. The foley cheat sheet gives you ideas for different effects that you can do yourself, everything from ice volcanos to terminator.


Travel Regulations

These have been changing more and more recently so with help from the community we collected lithium battery regulations for different airlines along with what Carnet 101 is.

Serial Number Tracker

You can keep serial numbers you have for different gear on your device, this is secured to your phone only and not stored online so just for you.


Boom Pole Cheat Sheet

Compare over 125+ Boom poles by key metrics: Weight / Length / Sections / Attachment and Material. These are conveniently in metric and imperial units so no getting out the calculator.

Frequency Block Checker

Different wireless systems use different “blocks” or “Bands” of frequencies and so not all cover the same frequencies. When renting gear or looking which ones to use around the world this allows you to easily compare wireless band A with B etc… Simple.


Audio Bag Cheat Sheet

See what manufacturers make a bag that fits your mixer in one easy step of selecting your mixer or recorder you want to fit in. This speeds up research and gives the correct serial names to get the right bag for you.


Location Report Generator

Create and send off location scout reports of issues ranging from inside to outside along with any permissions arranged before.


Timecode Manual Links

Access links to manufacturers of timecode sync units and slates in one easy drop down list.

World Wireless Freq Database

Now see various good / legal or illegal frequencies from different countries across 6 continents. This is populated from the community so please do get in touch if you have anything to add.

Rec / Size calculator

Enter in the sample rate and bit depth along with number of channels and see how long you can record on various size cards 🙂

Flight Path Checker

See where plane are flying overhead and judge where flight paths are for locations you are scouting or even on the day for showing any issues you will have with planes.

Some Key Benefits

The Soundrolling App

Offline Access

Lots of the information is available without an internet connection so faster loading times and doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

Favourite Lists

Lots of the cheat sheets have the option to favourite items so making comparing 125 boom poles much easier when you pick a list of 3/4 🙂

Frequent Updates

Due to also working in the industry I am always tweaking the interface and information so you can make the most of it.

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