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Soundrolling Podcasts

There are now more ways to experience my content, introducing the podcast experience with Soundrolling Podcasts. This is hopefully a better way to consume content while you have more downtime like on the train or listening in the shower or whatever.

Using a cool new platform Anchor I am now able to easily create podcasts on the go and decided to make one more on the business side of freelancing. Tips, tricks and hacks along with my own experiences that can be applied to many ventures.

Download and listen via:

ITunes, Google Play, or get involved in the conversation by downloading the Anchor app and searching http://anchor.fm/soundrolling

Listen Via:

Anchor App
Apple Podcasts
Google Play Music
Overcast Podcasts
Pocket Casts

Or add the RSS feed to your podcast player of choice using the following RSS Link: https://anchor.fm/s/c12d84/podcast/rss