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Sourced in bulk to pass the savings on to you these BNC female couplers are only 50p each! usually £2-3 on the high street. However by 2 cables and get one FREE. A little thank you for choosing

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Straight Into Camera

Loom Cables and Tails offer an easy way to connect multiple cables from your mixer to camera without all the mess. NEW low profile loom cables are lighter and more durable for bag work too!

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Timecode Cables

A more affordable timecode solution is jamming timecode with purpose built timecode cables. High end cameras are getting better at holding timecode and you will only need to jam again after a camera battery change and after lunch. Simple. Affordable. Convenient.
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Other Cables

Other cables such as a TA3 to XLR-M or XLR-F give you more flexibility in your routing and mixing to different devices or from different sources.
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