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KTek KBAC1 – Boom Holder

Why Was KTek KBAC1 Made? The KTek KBAC1 is a solution for sound mixers and recordists that are also booming. Typically this is the situation for single talent on camera or in a documentary kind of case. This is rather than strapping your boom pole lengthways to the...

Long Takes With Boom Operators

Its always tricky doing really long takes with lots of choreography and rehearsals. While many people are in awe (along with me) about the poor camera guy you must not forget the silent ninja, the boom operator.

List of Roles in a Sound Department

List of Roles in a Sound Department Here is a breakdown of all the roles you are likely to see on the credits of major feature length hollywood films and what they all actually mean: Production Sound Department: – Production Sound Mixer / Sound Mixer /  –...