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Q&A #22 – People think cameras are more expensive than Sound.

When it come to crewing and getting a film together the most expensive element of the film is usually the crew cost for labour followed by rates for different departments. Lots of people however with the price of mid tier cameras dropping all the time automatically think sound is doing the exactly the same thing. This is because they have worked with lower cameras and also where the sound was done on a zoom.

Q&A #3 – Tips to getting paid on time

Might sound silly as when you set your invoice terms (Usually 30 days) then the client or production company should pay you on time, but this doesn’t happen 100% of the time for me. So there are a few things you can do as gentle reminders to help maintain your cashflow and all the adult things like rent and bills.

Moving House and Freelance Finances

So recently I moved house and wanted to share some insights into finances because as a freelancer it can be tricky to manage. Also having a self employed status you need to make sure you take into account about your profit and loss.