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Leverage Means You’re Doing Something Right

Why Leverage? Leverage is an exertion of force on a lever to lift something. In a business context it is used in terms of give and take of a relationship. Now, the more valuable something is in this context means a heavier item you want to lift. In Business it’s...

Q&A #27 – 1 Change To Make Sound Devices SL6 Power Save More Bag Friendly

Unfortunately as great as Sound Devices Powersave function is on the SL6 is to increase the time on it, I can rarely when it is in my bag change it without running out of time. It’s great that it has quick boot but if the time was able to be 20 seconds then my recorder and radios would be extra safe in long takes or power changing situations.

Q&A #7 – Is it Essential to move to London for UK work?

I was asked if it was a sensible move to go to London to further my career. For me it was because I was based in Dundee in Scotland before. Being 500 miles away from what is arguably the Cultural capital of the UK It just made the most sense. Here are a few factors you have to weigh up when moving to somewhere so expensive and big.

Boom Operation Tips For Beginners

Boom Operation Tips Someone asked me about boom operation regarding boom poles so im going to give you some basic tips on using one, or indeed any. Opening and Collapsing your pole They will come completely collapsed and locked but I like to make little gaps in...