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Overview of Trim / Faders / Gain / PFL

The gain of an input is adjusted by two controls, Trim and Fader. This two-stage architecture is identical to the topology of large mixing consoles and provides a great deal of control. Trim is often thought of as a coarse gain control and the Fader as the fine gain control.

The Fader is the primary control used while mixing, and it affects the level of input signal routed to all post-fade destinations. Use the Fader control to make fine gain adjustments.

Redefining The Cover Letter

Ok with a bit of background we can start to get into the more tactical elements to getting you a job. This starts with your own introduction. Now I have had my fair share of sending my own cover letters and also receiving them from other sound crew that want to work...

Rob Nokes Go To Mics For SFX Recording

Matt: …sort of microphones you must have a complete warehouse of everything for all sort of things but other types of microphones that you’re kind of always taking out as they’re kind of wanted to kind of make some models? Rob: Yeah I mean everybody who knows me...