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The Half Power Point and Pan Law

The half power point essentially establishes that a -3dB difference is half the power of any frequency played through a speaker. A mono signal played through 1 speaker is going to be 100% volume, but when played through 2 speakers you have double the speakers so essentially only need half the power from both to perceive no change in level. 

Track Assignment

This article discusses how to arrange your recording or mixing tracks. Every input into your mixer / recorder goes to a varying amount of tracks.

In the case of the Sound Devices 664, all inputs get their own track which is recorded and the ability to send to 4 mix tracks. If you just have a mixer like the Sound Devices 302 then you will only have 2 tracks at all times, a left and a right mix track. Track Assignment therefore varies depending on equipment so lets look at a basic scenario and then work our way up.

Panning Audio – Panning for gold and the Pan LAW!

There is a function on the majority of mixers called Pan. Pan/Panning is controlled by the ‘pan pots’ which have an L on the left and the R on the right, with center being in the middle. This allows you to decide which side of a stereo track you want a signal to go too. Some mixers only record a stereo track and most cameras have 2 inputs that can be assigned as Left or Right.

SoundTrack Pro 3 Speaker Panning Options

SoundTrack Pro 3 Speaker Panning Options is a video about panning your sounds in Soundtrack pro 3. This is useful for basic 5.1 and stereo panning projects where you want something to zip across the screen. This creates a doppler effect for cars and other such objects and things.