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What Out Of Phase Sounds Like…

Below is a little video I shot in Pro Tools and I give you an example of what In Phase and Out Of Phase sounds like. This also ties in with wave interference so I show you the resulting effects of the same clips of me talking “in phase” (aka perfectly matching) versus just a single source.

Soundtrack Pro Track Analysis Tools

Soundtrack Pro Track Analysis. This is a very basic tool that can help towards cleaning up your audio tracks. I must stress the importance to always record the cleanest audio possible to save you from the usual hell that is cleaning up bad sound. bad sound, bad dialogue, bad effects all equal one thing, noise!

Sound Jargon Buster and Terminology

Sound Jargon Buster and Terminology This is a sound jargon page with keywords that have been written about in this blog, enjoy: – Refraction – Diffraction – Reverberation Time – Worldizing – Sound Pressure Level  – dB (decibels)...