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Hiding A Lav In A Childs Bike Helmet

Just wanted to show you a quick guide to micing a child’s helmet. This work such a treat! The pack could have been hidden in the helmet as well but it was a bit uncomfortable for her so with help form makeup and costume we hid it in her long hair and in the back of her hood…..

Why You Need The Best Wireless: G3 Vs Lectrosonics

This is an obvious title in a way, after all of course you need the best of everything right? Well this is a post that explains my previous thoughts about having a set of G3s and then making the big jump to the Lectrosonics. This post is for other people that are weighing up with the decisions of which brand to go for. Now i am obviously talking about Lectrosonics from the Sennheiser G3 wireless.

Hiding a Radio Mic in a Smart Car

Hiding a Radio Mic in a Smart Car Hiding radio mic – Here is a rough step by step walk-through for easy hiding and great reception to be in a following car a good 150m away. Next Related Post → Search for: Facebook Follow Twitter Follow Google+ Follow...