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Amazing Kickstarter Project For The Sound Industry

Amazing Kickstarter Project For The Sound Industry Probably the most important and useful Kickstarter for our industry about the history of some of the greatest sound design and production films. Take a look and get involved! Wish I had access to talent like ben...

What Natural Soundscapes Say About The World.

Bernie Krause is probably best known for providing soundscape recordings of nature for loads of hollywood films like Apocalypse Now. He has been busy since, recording nature around us. Bernie is a true master and teacher of wild landscapes, philosopher and through his...

Sound Chat #45: Neil Hillman (Author / Post Sound)

Journeyman Book: http://amzn.to/2hCwulD Journeyman is an authoritative, accessible and at times irreverent, retrospective view of the most significant decade of digital development in the professional audio-for-picture sector; written with humour and passion from first-hand, operational experience. Neil Hillman is an award-winning Sound Designer, Re-recording mixer, Sound Recordist and Outside Broadcast Sound Supervisor.