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Should Sound Devices 302 Die Like The 442?

Why is the Sound Devices 302 not dead yet? Seems very strange that with the success of the MixPre-3 and the MixPre-6 that Sound Devices haven’t killed off the 302. The fact you can order a MixPre-3 for ~£675 or order a new Sound Devices 302 for ~£1,824. The...

Q&A #26 – The downside of line inputs without trim pots!

In regards to the Sound Devices 6 series mixers (633 / 664 / 688) what are the downsides of any inputs without physical trimpots? The trim pot is what you use to increase or reduce gain to your track. The tracks without dedicated trimpots on the 6 series recorders only accept line level and though gain can be changed, it is through a menu on the screen while recording, thus limiting you to changing one at a time.