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Sound Chat #46: Kevin Strahm (Production Sound)

Kevin started out professionally in sound working for Marriott International in Chicago, IL and was an audio video technician with them for 13 years. During that time I earned an ‘Expert’ audio visual certification from MVP, a training organization for Marriott based in Houston Texas.

#1 Reason For Weak Wireless Mic Signal

Often on shoots, especially drama, you need to hide your transmitters, but often some people have complained about range issues in certain positions. 

This is usually because the body is taking out and blocking the signal being sent. This is also to do with if the antenna of the TX pack is touching the actual skin of the talent. When this happens your radio mic signal range will be impacted.

Whats In My Peli Box?

This is a quick overview of what I typically have in my peli box for a corporate shoot. I’m using the Pelican 1620, great case for travelling and getting everything in.