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Mozegear Tig QBit Overview and Setup

Mozegear Tig QBit Timecode Generator ‚Äč Features: ‚Äč Size is only 3/4 of a cubic inch ‚ÄčDurable milled aluminum case ‚ÄčLocking connector (BNC with optional Lemo) ‚ÄčAccurate timecode ‚ÄčStandard cables can be used ‚ÄčHirose connector offers several types of power Back up...

Canon C300 Timecode Settings

Setting the C300 timecode In   mode, the camcorder can generate a time code signal and embed it in your recordings. You can have the camcorder output the time code signal from the HD/SD SDI terminal or TIME CODE terminal (90). In   mode, you can output the time code...

Timecode VS Genlock

The topic of syncing video and audio is usually just associated with timecode jamming for audio and video. Many starting out or even intermediate sound mixers aren’t aware of the advantages of using Genlock and Timecode together.